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Increased investment in road expansion in Majorca
This corresponds to an increase of more than 6 million compared tothe current year.
A part of the money invested is seen in the construction of the second peripheral channel.
Entering from the south or east of the island you can be a witness of a large construction site; a large roundabout, which will cross over  all four-lane highway on a 1st floor.Traffic jams are nevertheless limited by á deviation on a bridge  of several tracks.
Among the 33 development projects, two include the attenuation of two very exposed sections to accidents south of the island.
The first is located on National Highway at the end of the highway between Llucmajor and Campos.
Due to the high volume of traffic since the completion of the highway occur on this two-lane state road every year many serious accidents.To this will be remedied by an amplification of four lanes.