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Purchase of a Majorca real estate

You want to buy a property in Majorca – here are some important tips which you should keep in mind.

Between the first desire of possessing an own piece of Majorca and the decision to buy a Majorca property can pass, depending on your personal situation and the diversity of characters, many years or just a few weeks. In order to give you a brief guide for the subject Majorca property purchase, this post is divided into several sections.

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     With the QUICK SEARCH at the navigation bar of this website you can find the Majorca property that matches your chosen profile. Simply enter the type of property, such as house or flat, and narrow your search by specifying a minimum and a maximum price. If you highlight a region on the Majorca map you only get results from that region. If you do not select any region you'll get results from all over the island.

Searching for a property in Majorca:
Once the decision to buy a property in Majorca has been made, you should start as early as possible to structure and to systematize your search for this property. Anyone who does not do that, will state sooner or later, that the purpose of „I want to buy a property in Majorca now“ is equal in meaning with the intent of „I'm going to buy a car now“. The spectrum of „car“ also extends from a reasonable small car with an original price just over 5.000€ to a  big luxury car of more than 150.000€ - in fact with an open top price level.
Those who look around at the property market in Majorca will quickly realize that there is a large spectrum of offered properties in Majorca. It ranges from the small aged apartment for a few thousand euros to the luxury estate with a few thousand square meters of living space in beautiful residential areas. The segment of luxury real estate in Majorca offers dream properties at prices in dimensions which only a few people can afford.

     Using the ADVANCED SEARCH you can refine your search considerably. It allows you for example to ensure by clicking on the feature „sea view“ that you will only have properties with sea view in your search results. You can also limit your search just to a specific location by selecting the desired place from the drop-down menu. You can narrow the requested living space as well as the desired number of bedrooms. If your search result is not successful, just save your search profile and we will keep you informed about matching newbies.

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Set a budget for your Majorca property:
So before one starts a systematic search for a Majorca real estate it makes sense to fix his or her personal price limit. It is in the nature of things that many people are defining parameters that can not lead to success. This could be for example to combine a high level of requirements with a minimum level of price. It is quite normal that about 80% of the people who are looking for a property in Majorca want a house or an apartment in first sea line or at least one with beautiful sea views. The reality in Majorca (and probably in all the coastlines of the world) is, that only a small fraction of the properties in the coastal area are situated in first sea line. It seems clear that this discrepancy has serious effects on the real estate prices. An object in the first sea line usually is twice the price of an object in the second line with only a partial sea view. And the one in the second line costs 50 to 100% more than an object with absolutely no view of the sea. Thus what determines significantly the value of a property in Majorca? It begins as anywhere in the world with the location.
Securing the found property:
Purchasing the Majorca property:

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